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Meredith's lab explores food systems issues at the interface of people, health and the environment.  She advises students in the Food Systems program at the University of Vermont. This includes undergraduate students majoring in Food Systems as well as Master's and PhD students in the graduate program in Food Systems.  In addition, she advises a number of undergraduate students majoring in Nutrition and Food Sciences and Dietetics.

Meredith also enjoys cross campus collaborations outside of her department working with students on projects and serving on their graduate level committees for degrees in Natural Resources, Complex Systems and Data Science, Environmental Thought and Culture, Community Development and Applied Economics, and UVM's undergraduate honors college. Meredith's lab is a diverse group of graduate students, undergraduate students, and post-doctorates across varying disciplines all working on food, environment, and health issues.

Meredith is NOT currently accepting graduate students through our Food Systems Graduate Program.  For more information please see information for Prospective Students.

Meredith meets with a graduate student to discuss research.
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