Meredith and her lab are committed to translating their research into formats that are accessible to everyone.  Below are research briefs highlighting the key results from a variety of the lab's work.

COVID-19 and Food Access/Security Research Briefs:

Meredith is leading the National Food Access and COVID research Team (NFACT), a national research effort in Vermont and beyond to assess across 17 study sites the impact of COVID-19 on food access, security and systems. 


A statewide survey of Vermonters between March 29-April 12 examines the impacts of coronavirus on food access and security, with a total of 3,251 Vermonters responding.  Below are six briefs that detail these results:

Brief 1: A General Overview of Coronavirus and Food Access and Security in Vermont
Brief 2: The Impact of Coronavirus on Vermonters Experiencing Food Insecurity
Brief 3: Job Disruption and Loss and Food Access During Coronavirus

Brief 4: Food Access Through School Meals and Food Pantries During COVID-19: Early Findings from Vermont

Brief 5: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Local Food System: Early findings from Vermont

Brief 6: Early COVID-19 Impacts on Food Retail and Restaurants: Consumer Perspectives from Vermont

A follow up survey with those same people in late May/early June 2020 as also conducted, with results detailed here:

COVID-19 and Food Insecurity Impacts: A follow up Vermont survey.

California Groundwater Research Briefs:

- Fresno County Farmer Groundwater Survey Results

- Madera County Farmer Groundwater Survey Results

- San Luis Obispo County Farmer Groundwater Survey Results

Yolo County Farmer Concerns and Perceptions of Groundwater Conditions

-  Yolo County Farmer Participation and Policy Preferences for SGMA

-  Yolo County Farmer Current and Future Groundwater Management Practices

Grass-fed Dairy Farmer Characteristics and Perspectives:

Grass-fed Dairy Farm Production Practices and Demographics in the US

Puerto Rico Farmer Climate Adaptation Briefs:

- Puerto Rican Farmer Perceptions of Climate Change and Hurricane Maria (English)

- Puerto Rican Farmer Perceptions of Climate Change and Hurricane Maria (Spanish)

Vermont and Maine Farmer and Advisor Climate Adaptation Perspectives:

- What do Northern New England Farmers Need to Adapt to Climate Change?

Vermonter's Food Waste Perceptions and Behaviors:

- Vermont Household Food Waste Behaviors and Policy Perceptions