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Farmers and Policy Stacking

Farming is a complex business that involves a variety of different policies.  Depending on the area, farmers often have policies and regulations that govern all aspects of their business ranging from farm safety to food safety and environment to labor.  As part of their farm business, many farms are required to report and comply with diverse policies, all of which influence farming communities and require time and skills to understand and comply with.

This project explored farmer perceptions of government regulations and how policies across different jurisdictions (e.g. state, federal) and varying agencies and topics (e.g. environment, labor) may "stack" on farms and influence how farm businesses operate.  The project conducted 15 interviews with Vermont farmers and a survey through conferences and online (n=73).  The results were presented at a panel discussion with farmers and regulators. 


Research brief: Farmer Perspectives of Government Regulations: Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities

Farmers and regulators meet during a panel discussion at The University of Vermont to talk about regulations in agriculture and the future of agriculture in Vermont.
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